ClickMotive FUSION™ Mobile – Now Supporting 131 New Devices!

The world of mobile phones and the concept of the “splinternet” is rapidly changing the way car buyers shop for cars!  In the good-ole-days of 2008, you could just get yourself a nice website and count on the people to come for a visit.  Those days are gone!

ClickMotive FUSION™ Mobile helps you stay ahead of the curve.  Our R&D team never stops developing new innovations to keep you ahead of your competitors.

One of the trickiest aspects of mobile development is keeping up with the number of mobile devices that are available.  You can’t watch your favorite TV show without seeing one cool new gadget after another coming out!  Car buyers are buying those gadgets and if your dealership web presence doesn’t fit on their screen and work great – they will just go somewhere else.

ClickMotive FUSION™ Mobile R&D constantly adds support for new devices as they become available.  In fact, we have added detection support for 131 new mobile devices since January 1 this year!  It’s an exciting but turbulent wave in technology – and you need a strong partner to master it.  Contact our sales department for more information on getting a cool FUSION™ Mobile Website for your dealership.

Devices added since January 1

Below is the list of the 131 new devices added to FUSION™ Mobile detection support.  If one of the devices below accesses your Fusion website, they will be automatically redirected to the appropriate view of your mobile website.

AUDIOVOX 8964VM, HTC HERO200, Acer S200, DoCoMo F01B, DoCoMo F02B, DoCoMo F03B, DoCoMo L02B, DoCoMo L04A, DoCoMo L06A, DoCoMo N01B, DoCoMo N02B, DoCoMo N03B, DoCoMo SH01B, DoCoMo SH02B, DoCoMo SH04B, DoCoMo SH08A, Grundig GR660, Grundig GR980, Hitachi P300, HTC 8900b, HTC A6277, HTC ADR6200, HTC HD2_T8585, HTC Legend, HTC Nexus One, HTC ST6356, HTC ST7377, Huawei U8230, i-mate JAMA, KDDI CA3F, KDDI CA3G, KDDI KC3R, KDDI KC3S, KDDI KC3T, KDDI SH3D, KDDI SH3E, KDDI SN3L, KDDI SN3M, KDDI TS25, KDDI TS3Q, KDDI TS3R, Kyocera WX333K, LG GB270, LG GD510, LG GT360, LG GW525, LG GW620, LG GW620R, LG MG300D, LG VS750, Meizu M8, Motorola A3100, Motorola A45, Motorola calgary, Motorola Droid, Motorola MB200, Nokia 2710c, Nokia 5230, Nokia 5330, Nokia 5800, Nokia 6225, Nokia 6225i, Nokia 6700c, Nokia 6700s, Nokia 7230, Nokia 7705, Nokia C5, Nokia X3, Nokia X6, O2 COCOON, Palm Pixi, Palm Treo800w, PANTECH C790, PANTECH P7000, RIM BlackBerry8910, RIM BlackBerry9650, RIM BlackBerry9700, SAMSUNG GT-B3310, SAMSUNG GT-B5310, SAMSUNG GT-B7330, SAMSUNG GT-S5620, SAMSUNG GT-S7550, SAMSUNG r520, SAMSUNG SCHR351, SAMSUNG SGH-A727, SAMSUNG SGH-A897, SAMSUNG SGH-F480i, SAMSUNG SGH-I637, SAMSUNG SPH-M900, SAMSUNG Z105, SoftBank 740SC, SoftBank 830SC, SoftBank 830SHp, SoftBank 831N, SoftBank 832SHs, SoftBank 840P, SoftBank 931N, SoftBank 936SH, SoftBank 940N, SoftBank 940P, SoftBank 940SC, SoftBank 940SH, SoftBank 941SH, SonyEricsson F100i, SonyEricsson G900, SonyEricsson J10i2, SonyEricsson M600i, SonyEricsson T707, SonyEricsson TM717, SonyEricsson U1i, SonyEricsson U5iv, SonyEricsson X10i, SonyEricsson X2, SonyEricsson X5, Telstra A261, TMobile MDA Compact, TMobile MDA III, TMobile MDA Touch, TMobile MDA Vario, TMobile MDAcompactIV, TMobile U8220, Toshiba TG01, UTSTARCOM GPFM1238, UTSTARCOM TXT8030, UTSTARCOM TXT8040, VeryKool i250, Vodafone SFR_v1615, Vodafone SFR_v3650, Vodafone VPA_Touch, Zonda ZMEM1095, Zonda ZMGP3400 ,


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