Mobile Inventory Videos

Studies show that a striking 92% of adults in the United States own a smart phone.  Also, as consumers’ lives get busier and busier, more of them are resorting to using time during lunch or waiting in line at the bank to do things like research for their next automobile purchase.  Smart phones have made researching on-the-go possible for consumers by giving them the ability to carry an infinite amount of information wherever they go.

So how can dealerships use this fact to their advantage?

Because an increasing number of consumers are using their mobile phones for surfing the web and collecting information, the best way a dealer can take advantage of this is by spending more time and resources in enhancing their mobile websites.

Mobile websites typically produce a higher percentage of leads compared to visitors than any other form of advertising.  Think about it.  When a consumer is searching through your website and stumbles across your phone number, it is almost effortless to just tap the number and call right then and there as opposed to watching an ad on TV and scrambling to pick up a pen to write down the number, only to put off calling to a more “convenient” time.  Speaking of, does anyone still watch ads on TV?

What can dealers do to enhance their mobile websites?

On the surface, dealers should start with some basics such as having an app style website that is fast and easy to use or adding phone number and email links to every page to increase leads.

But more importantly, dealers should focus on engaging consumers with their mobile websites and what better way than with pictures and videos?

Having stunning graphics and interactive videos increases the likelihood of converting a visitor into a lead, especially in an industry where looks matter.

With that being said, go ahead and saturate your mobile website with more and more pictures.  Your customers will thank you for it.  But in this day and age, pictures can get boring fairly quickly and the consumer will most likely want to see the car in action before making the decision to actually stop by the dealership, and this is where videos come into play.

Having videos on your mobile website is a huge value-add, especially since many mobile web providers still do not have the capability to add video.  By making the decision to add videos to your mobile website, your dealership could be at a first-mover advantage versus the competition.  Videos have the ability to strongly engage customers because it makes it a whole lot easier to gain knowledge about a vehicle by watching a 30 second video on-the-go as opposed to navigating through the mobile website only to read the same information.

So what do you do when simply having a video on your mobile website isn’t enough?

Here’s a checklist of things you should make sure your video has in order to gain even more exposure to your dealership:

□        Does your video have stay-in-page technology?  Many of the mobile web providers who have the ability to place a video on your mobile website do not have the capability to make it play in-page.  This is important because without stay-in-page technology, your consumers will be directed to another window or video player in order to watch the video and will be directed away from your website.  Studies show that most consumers will not know how or will forget to go back to the page they were viewing on your website after being directed away to watch a video.

□        Does your video improve your SEO ranking?  Many videos found online do absolutely nothing to improve SEO.  Knowing that SEO plays a huge role in the amount of organic traffic your website gets, why wouldn’t you want all aspects of your website to help your SEO ranking?  Making sure that your videos are sent to Google and syndicated on third party websites that link back to your site will ensure that your video will have greater SEO value.

□        Does your video syndicate with YouTube, Facebook, or  Welcome to the new age of social media.  If your dealership is not currently utilizing social media websites such as Facebook or YouTube, then it will surely fall behind the competition.  Making sure that your videos automatically syndicate with YouTube or Facebook, allowing them to play on those sites, will help keep your social media websites up-to-date with zero effort from you.  By keeping these websites up-to-date, you will also reach a much larger community of car buyers who could potentially become your future customers.

Having an enhanced mobile website, with videos that include the above properties, is essential to making sure your dealership remains relevant and gains even more exposure.  ClickMotive’s mobile inventory videos offer everything you need to get started with your newly enhanced mobile website, positioned for even more customer engagement and greater potential for leads.  Contact our sales team at 888-518-5513 for more information.


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