Buy One “Driver” Get One FREE

Supercharge Your Website Leads With Digital Retailing from Dealertrack

What is “digital retailing”? Simply put, it is a new way to let your website visitors perform more of the vehicle purchase process online — and it’s built right in to your Dealertrack website. We have two digital retailing components today, FinanceDriver and PaymentDriver, and will be rolling out TradeDriver this summer.


» Online Credit Pre-Qualification
» Improve the quality of your website leads

» Vehicle-Specific Payments and Offers
» Lender and manufacturer rebates and incentives

As a way to introduce this powerful new technology from Dealertrack, we’re offering a buy one get one free offer to all of our website customers.

The fine print: you have to have a Dealertrack website and you have to sign up for one of the “Drivers” by April 30, 2013. The regular price is $200/mo for each, but until the end of the month it’s $200/mo for both.

Even better, this offer is NOT just for a short trial-period… you’ll save $200/mo as long as you have your Dealertrack website and these 2 “Drivers”.

Pretty sweet deal! To learn more and sign up, call our sales team at (888) 336-7016  today. Remember, this deal is only available until April 30th.


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