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ClickMotive Licenses Dataium Data Technology to Optimize Website Performance and Consumer Experience

February 2, 2012

ClickMotive announced today that it has licensed Dataium’s advanced visitor recognition technology to enhance its visibility of consumer engagement on the websites it hosts for thousands of automotive dealerships. The agreement will provide ClickMotive with unprecedented analytics on what design, features and functionality drive optimum auto shopper online engagement and user conversion.

“Dataium provides us the ability to truly understand how our websites engage consumers in the auto buying process, and thus allows us to design websites and deliver content which dramatically impacts the performance of the websites we host”, stated, Stuart Lloyd, CEO, ClickMotive. He added, “In addition, Dataium data solutions will power a whole suite of services and new functionality which will drive lead volume, auto shopper buying behavior, and ROI.”

Further, under the agreement ClickMotive customers will have access to Dataium’s advanced business intelligence reporting to provide their local dealership with the latest in next generation inventory market alignment, SEO, lead behavior and management, marketing campaign attribution, and advertising effectiveness analytics.

“We are always honored when a leading software company like ClickMotive selects our data services to power their technology solutions”, commented Jason Ezell, President, Dataium. He continued, “as the data utility company for the auto industry we are committed to helping empower companies like ClickMotive to fully realize the power and potential their products and services can deliver, by utilizing actual shopper behavior from across the Internet.



November 17, 2010

ClickMotive is very proud to introduce ClickMotive Fusion Mobile – Version 3!

Fusion Mobile V3 takes our industry-leading Fusion Mobile platform and pushes us even further into the lead.  This is a ground-up re-write taking advantages of industry & technology changes from the past 6 months.  The world of “mobile” is changing very fast compared to the rest of the world and ClickMotive continues to lead.  Here are some highlights of the major improvements:

Pictures everywhere!

Touch-enabled phones like iPhone & Android can produce eye-popping display – and it’s the right medium for pictures – lots of pictures.  We’ve taken this to the extreme.

  • Almost all listings (Vehicles, Models, Specials, Incentives, etc.) have pictures on them – making it easier to see where you’re going – no more reading required –just click the picture of what you want

Photo galleries dramatically upgraded for ease of use and fun – now they work a lot like Facebook galleries – just flick through to see more

More Designs!

ClickMotive pioneered fresh, clean websites that look & feel like native Apple iPhone applications.  This created an edge in the market that all our competitors have since copied.  It’s time to innovate again!  Using the new Fusion Desktop Palette engine, we have released 6 new Palettes (color schemes) for mobile websites giving us a total of 7 designs and 14 configurations:

More Customization

Dealers can now customize their mobile websites more than ever before – to break away from the pack with a distinct look all their own.  In addition to the eight exciting new color palettes, they also have the choice of two very distinctive looking home screens, shown below:

You can also re-order or change any of the items on the home page in just seconds.  In this version we also added the ability for custom markup pages to extend the functionality even further!

Faster Launch Times

We decreased the size of files for initial load resulting in a startup time that is 3 to 7 Times Faster than our previous version (our previous version was already the fastest in the industry)

Speed, Speed, Speed!

In Fusion Mobile v2, we pioneered a new technology for improving application performance. We call it “predictive loading”.  The idea is to figure out what the user will click before they click it – and pre-load it.  The result is navigation performance that is faster than the human eye.  In Mobile v3, we amplified this even further:

  • We invented and implemented a queuing prioritizing engine that analyzes user behavior and prepares details behind the scenes  – the result is a seemingly zero-load time on most pages
  • We programmed in “predictive loading” that increases the psychological sensation of speed.  This is in use on almost all forward navigation.
  • Faster shortcut navigation everywhere – for example, in the previous version, if there was only one used Toyota in stock and it was a Camry, the user would click “Used Inventory”, then “Toyota”, then “Camry”, then see a listing (with one Vehicle) and click the listing to get to the Vehicle.  This is 5 clicks.  The last click would take 1-3 seconds.  In Fusion Mobile v3, the user clicks “Used Inventory”, then “Toyota (Camry)” – 2 clicks and usually zero seconds of wait.

Huge Inventory Searches

With all the big performance optimizations – we’ve suped up Fusion Mobile to be able to handle some of the biggest inventory lists in the world!  Dealer Groups, Manufacturer Regions, or nation-wide  sites are now ready-to-go on the most responsive platform ever!

More Screen Shapes & Sizes

More & more hand-held devices are being released every day – and not all of them have the same shape & size of screen. With Fusion Mobile v3, any size, any angle looks great.

More Ways to Get Leads

  • Every single Model, Trim, Vehicle, Special, Incentive, Department, & Video has the option to Call, Email or Text.
  • Every call to action is represented with both text and an icon – no reading required, just touch the picture you want.


  • Deep Linking – (a Fusion Mobile breakthrough!) – the new iPhone technologies used by most companies are very cool and slick – but not very SEO friendly.  ClickMotive has pioneered a technology that combines the best of both of these words – rich interactive pages that can take very deep links from search engines, bookmarks, sharing programs, and future concepts like phone scanned inventory tags and more.
  • Friendly URLs (a Fusion Mobile breakthrough!) – URLs are rich with keywords and organization that search engines love.
  • Optimized Mobile SEO (a Fusion Mobile breakthrough) – all pages are correctly tagged for cataloging by mobile search engines
  • Fusion Meta Engine – this feature from Fusion Desktop allows SEO experts and consultants to tweak title tag & meta tag formulas for each page.
  • Markup – add your own custom content to your Fusion Mobile website.

Stay-In-Page Improvements

Fusion Mobile v3 relied on external applications like Google Maps & the Video Player for some functionality.  The problem was this forced the consumer to leave the website.  Most consumers will not be smart enough to know how to get back.  All of this is solved in Mobile v3 with “Stay-In-Page” features like:

  • Videos now play “in page” – with full controls that work just like the video player on YouTube – but without ever leaving the site. [i]
  • Photo Gallery “Flick-Through” Browsing – never leave the page while you casually flick through one picture after another – featured on Vehicle & Research pages.

Improvements for low-end phones

Older phones (and some newer phones!) do not have the same capabilities of rich touch-enabled devices like iPhone and Android.  We still want these users to get the most they can out of the mobile experience.  Several new features have been added to support this group of users.

  • Incentives – these were left out of the last version
  • Video Gallery – uses all the capabilities of lower-end phones
  • Map – stronger integration with Google Mobile Maps
  • Markup – the content is shared with the “Mobile Touch” interface.

More High-End Platforms

  • More new devices mean more shapes and sizes of screens – Fusion Mobile is now 100% flexible and can change shape and size as needed.
  • Landscape mode – when the screen gets “wider” than it is “tall” the entire screen, including picture galleries and more – all adjust automatically.

More Devices Detected

We audit the world of mobile once per month and add new device detection code – supporting more and more mobile devices.    For the month of July we added detection support for HTC Smart_F3188, LG GR700, LG LN240, LG VN250, LG VN250L, LG VN250P, Motorola Evoke, Nokia C3, Nokia E73, Nokia N8, SAMSUNG GT-M3710, SAMSUNG I8910, SAMSUNG SCHR100, SAMSUNG SCH-U750P, SAMSUNG SGH-i917, SAMSUNG SPH-M570, SonyEricsson M1i, SonyEricsson U5a, SonyEricsson U5at, SonyEricsson U5i, Toshiba TG02, Samsung SCH-i910, and HTC ADR6300

In Summary

Well, Fusion Mobile was already one of the hottest products on the market.  Dealers, Regions, Groups, & OEMs everywhere are waking up to the fact that many of their customers use phones to surf the web these days.  To be ready, you MUST have a fast, full-featured, rich, engaging web presence in mobile If you do, you meet car buyers where they want to talk – and the results speak for themselves.  Even in our current version we see conversion rates way above 40% on a normal basis.

Fusion Mobile V3 is the next step – it’s a free upgrade to all current Fusion Mobile customers.  Contact our sales team at 888-518-5513 for more information.

[i] Works on devices which natively support HTML5 video tag.  Other devices are provided a link to play the video externally

ClickMotive Wins Peak Performance Automotive Website Award (AWA) For Search Marketing

November 12, 2010

PCG Digital Marketing announced that ClickMotive was chosen to receive a Pinnacle 2010 Automotive Website Award (AWA) for search marketing. The awards were presented to the leading automotive website companies at the AWA breakfast ceremony in Las Vegas.

The Pinnacle award is the highest recognition the AWA provides in the AWA Search Marketing category. The companies receiving this award have designed and delivered search compliant websites that stood above their peers. Pinnacle Platform winners deliver outstanding digital marketing platforms for dealers that will provide clients with a strong competitive advantage online and will enable dealers to create an unfair competitive advantage in their local markets. The ClickMotive platform reached the pinnacle for scoring in the AWA benchmarks and live testing, and is why we were selected for this prestigious award.

The 2010 AWA Whitepaper stated that “ClickMotive takes a different approach on the design of their inventory pages. Their sub-directory structure is not traditional but effective.” What this statement says is that we went additional lengths to ensure that we are using a directory structure that organizes our content well and makes it easy for visitors and search engines to know exactly where they are and what they are looking at on our sites.

The 3rd annual Automotive Website Awards (AWA) was created by PCG Digital Marketing, recognized leaders in automotive digital marketing strategies. For 2010, PCG Digital Marketing recognized the industry’s best website platforms across three different categories: design, technology and search marketing.

The Automotive Website Awards seek to provide car dealers with an unbiased evaluation of automotive website platforms and integrated search marketing tools. The 2010 AWA study included a review of over 50 automotive website providers.

This year’s published study includes 160 pages of valuable information regarding automotive website platform choices, search marketing performance, design and technology. The report is the industry’s reference guide for the best in automotive website technology and design.

To download a full PDF version of the Automotive Website Awards study, please go to .

American Honda Motors selects ClickMotive to launch Nationwide Website Program for Dealer Ad Associations

February 10, 2010

Los Angeles, California – February 10, 2010 – American Honda Motors has exclusively partnered with ClickMotive, a leading automotive software company based in Texas, to create and support Dealer Ad Association Websites on a nationwide basis for both Acura and Honda.

These groundbreaking websites will uniquely combine the most effective elements of Digital Marketing into a seamless geo-targeted website platform that will benefit local Consumers, Dealers and Ad Agencies.

Together, American Honda Motors and ClickMotive set out to build the automotive industry’s most complete Ad Association Websites by combining many on-line features for the first time into a single website solution that provides Consumers with everything they need to purchase or service a Honda or Acura with a Dealer in their area.

These websites feature compliant branding, customization tools, shared new & pre-owned inventory, complete vehicle research, video galleries, zip code mapping, special offers, dealer profiles, lead integration, phone tracking, reporting analytics, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, mobile websites, mobile texting, content management tools and more.

“American Honda Motors believes that consumers in a local market will really benefit from a brand-friendly Ad Association website and mobile portal that provides everything they need about all Acura & Honda Dealers in their area,” said Mark Ortiz, National Interactive Sales Manager – American Honda Motors.

“Local Ad Agencies and Dealer Ad Associations will finally have all the tools they need to quickly synergize traditional advertising with online advertising in a brand compliant manner.  Web, SEO, SEM, Video, Mobile, Inventory, Integration, Analytics…we combined everything into these Ad Associations Websites,” stated Stuart Lloyd, CEO – ClickMotive

A complete mobile marketing solution will also be created for each Ad Association that includes a mobile website, mobile texting and mobile SEO featuring essentially the same content as the traditional website.

Click on the links below to see live examples!