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SEO Results Improved Again

February 10, 2010

Free & new feature in ClickMotive Fusion improves SEO effectiveness

Released: January 28, 2010

As always, the world of marketed SEO “Services” for car dealers is filled with misinformation!

Here’s a chance to set some of the record straight and show another way that ClickMotive leads the pack in SEO innovations.

You may have heard that “meta” tags are important for SEO.  Then you may have heard that “meta” tags are NOT important for SEO.  Here’s a simple explanation that tells you everything you need to know.

A “meta” tag is a bit of code on a webpage that you can’t see in a browser.  There are lots of different kinds of meta tags.  Two in particular have a relationship to SEO.

One is called the meta keywords tag.  It contains a list of keywords that your site is about.  It was important to SEO back in the 1990s before people started using it to cheat.  No search engines today pay any attention to meta keywords any more.  If you have an SEO “consultant” trying to sell you services that include improving your meta keywords – fire them.   They’re only taking your money and adding no value.  If they can’t get this simple thing right – how can you trust them on anything else.  The same goes for any online “grading” tool for SEO.  Remember – the industry is full of fraud and scams!

The other meta tag related to SEO is the meta description tag.  Long ago, this tag was important for SEO, but once again, since it was not visible, unscrupulous people used it to cheat, and the search engines started ignoring it.  But then, more recently, Google and other search engines started displaying the content of meta description tags in their search engine results.   The black-colored text that you see under the blue-colored link on a Google search engine result page will often (although not always) come from a meta description tag.  Most experts agree that this text has little to no influence on how high you appear in the search results, but it does influence what your link looks like.

At ClickMotive – we took these even further for our customers!

Many SEO experts have measured the effects of what this text says – and it can make a huge difference.  For example, if the black text is garbled, stuffed with keywords, or not straight-forward English, it decreases the perception of professionalism and trust.

Even better – if the text actually tells you what to do – if it contains a “Call To Action” it can dramatically influence the click-through rate!  Some studies have shown that results way down the page with better written text are actually more clickable than results further up the page!  Imagine that – being on top isn’t everything – it’s getting clicked that counts!

Here are some examples from a simulated search for a “Toyota Tundra in San Antonio”

This sample search engine result had little consideration given to its title tags or its meta description.  The result, a confusing mess with lots of “…” and covering just about everything BUT the Tundra!

Lloyd ToyotaSan Antonio area Toyota dealer in San Antonio
Lloyd Toyota in San Antonio Texas with internet specials on new and used Toyota … on any new Toyota 4Runner, Avalon, Camry, Camry Hybrid, Camry Solara, …

Now, look at this result – notice it’s clean (no “…”) and tells you exactly what you’re supposed to do (“Check it out”).

New 2010 Toyota Tundra 4WD  (Gray Truck) San Antonio.
Check out this New 2010 Toyota Tundra 4WD CrewMax Short Bed 4.6L Grade (Gray Truck) from Myers Toyota of San Antonio serving San Antonio. This vehicle is currently available in-stock to buy now.

Every ClickMotive Fusion search engine result meta description has been re-written to contain positive “call-to-action” language.  Over the next few weeks, this will make its way into the search engines, so watch for results that look like the ones below –  notice each one has a “call to action” designed to improve click-through.

Visit the Official Site of Myers Toyota, selling Toyota in Plano, Texas and Serving DFW Area.

Shop now for New Toyota Cars for Sale in San Antonio. See the currently-available in-stock units to buy now.

Watch Myers Toyota Virtual Tour Research Videos from Myers Toyota in San Plano, Texas, serving DFW.

Take advantage of Specials at Myers Toyota in Plano, Texas, serving DFW. Check out our great Specials for online customers in all our different departments

As always, neither ClickMotive nor any other company can control the results displayed by Google & other search engines – but through constant research and development, we can work hard to improve the results.

At ClickMotive, we never stop innovating for our customers – new features come online every month.  Check back here often for information on the newest features.


Targeting the “Wallet Out” Car Buyer

January 26, 2010

New SEO Feature in ClickMotive FUSION™ Dealer Websites

ClickMotive has released yet another game-changing SEO feature – free to all its customers and available online today!

SEO is tricky business – often much more art than science! At ClickMotive, we never stop innovating to find more ways to get you more traffic – and better traffic through search engines.  Lots of consultants and dealers will shortsightedly concentrate all their efforts on optimizing for just a few big keywords – words like the manufacturer of cars they sell and their city.  While you should certainly put some effort into this area – if you check your traffic reports – you will quickly see that less than half your traffic comes from phrases like these.

Where does the rest come from?  It’s a giant category sometimes just called “other”.  SEO Experts call these “Tail Searches” – and almost every website in the world gets 50% of its traffic from these.

If you look through some of the tail searches on your traffic report – you’ll quickly see there are 2 kinds of tail search – car buyers and tire kickers.  Every good car sales person knows where to put the effort – find the buyers first and get them what they want!

When car buyers use search engines, they often discover that if they only type a few words – they don’t find what they want.  If they type more words – the results get better.  One way that car buyers indicate that they’re ready to buy is by adding what SEO Experts call a “wallet out” phrase to their search.  One of the most popular wallet-out phrases is “Shopping for…”.

So, if a car buyer goes to Google and just types:

“Toyota Camry Dallas”

– There’s a good chance they’ll find the local enthusiast club, some tedious blog articles, and some re-sellers.  This is not what they want – they’re looking for Inventory – available, in-stock, for sale, now!

The better search term, as more & more search engine users are learning is something like:

“Shopping for Toyota Camry Dallas”

Every ClickMotive Fusion web page that offers a vehicle for sale has words added to its content to target the “wallet out” searcher.  Words like “Shopping For”, “For Sale”, “Inventory”, etc.  Most other dealer websites do not.

No one can guarantee performance for any phrase on Google.  But one thing is for sure – if the words aren’t on the page – you won’t get found and ranked.  Only by researching and targeting the behavior of car buyers will you get this kind of content that leads to these kinds of results?

Call Monitoring Notifications

January 25, 2010

Do you need to worry about two party notifications?

Most states do not require “two party notifications” (meaning both sides are notified and acknowledge the conversation is being recorded). For the states that do not require two party notification, the recording at the beginning of the call (“This call may be recorded…”) is sufficient to notify the consumer and no voucher needs to be signed by the employee at the dealership.

Below are the states that do require two party notifications:

Two party notification states

Twelve states currently require that BOTH or ALL parties to be notified of the recording.

These states are:

  1. California
  2. Connecticut
  3. Florida
  4. Illinois
  5. Maryland
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Michigan
  8. Montana
  9. Nevada
  10. New Hampshire
  11. Pennsylvania
  12. Washington

For these states, the dealership would be required to notify both the caller and the employee that the calls are being recorded. For more info, you can read:

Database Updates for Faster Dealer Websites.

December 1, 2009

ClickMotive recently implemented a series of changes in  how data is extracted from its servers to produce yet another big performance improvement.

Dynamic web applications can be very complicated – performance & speed depend on a lot of things like:

  • How fast can you get data out of the database
  • How quickly can you get it turned into a webpage
  • How quickly can you send that webpage out
  • How quickly can all the components of that page finish downloading.

The change below helps with the first point – how fast can the data get out of the database. The change we made was very technical – (involving locations of processors for XML rendering) – but the effect is obvious – even without the technical jargon.The graph below shows how busy the processor (CPU) was on our most busy database server in the data center.  The dates run from 11/16/2009 to 11/22/2009. The changeover came at midnight on 11/20/2009 – you’ll see a large spike there as the database adjusted to the new changes. Before 11/20, you see the CPU 4 and 17% – with some pretty big peaks and valleys. After 11/20, you see the CPU 3 and 8% – and much less variation.

ClickMotive works around the clock every day of the year to ensure fast performance and consistent uptime for dealer websites.  We measure everything.  We improve everything continuously.

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Technology changes, and so should your website.

November 24, 2009

The Power of “3rd Generation” Web Style!

A lot of people have asked how the newest websites from ClickMotive are so much faster than anything else they’ve ever seen.  We’d love to say it’s a trade-secret, but honestly – it’s not.  We don’t even mind publishing it because it will be difficult for competition to keep up.  What you’re seeing in these blazing fast new sites is a lot of innovation, hard work, and dedication to stay at the leading edge of technology to benefit our customers.

ClickMotive Fusion has always been 100% open in its choice of user-interface technology.  What does that mean?  Well, it means all the magic of our lead delivery, search engine optimization, and high conversion will work with any new technology that comes along that might look cooler or run faster.

As a result in what we’re now calling the 3rd Generation, we’re able to take easy advantage of newly emerging technology.  Technical stuff like XHTML 5, CSS3, AJAX, JSON, and other acronym you may have heard of.  Regardless of the technical jargon – it all adds up to blazingly fast sites with the most modern bells-and-whistles possible.  You may have heard of “Web 2.0” – most people regard this is simple client-side transactions.  We’ve taken it to a whole new level with even more advanced features.

It’s a proven fact that the power of technology doubles every 18 months.  If you’re running on an architecture that’s just 3 years old – the new technology of today is 4 times cooler!  ClickMotive set out to build a platform that could keep up with the times and let us innovate constantly as new technology is invented.

ClickMotive Releases Dynamic Robots.txt to All Fusion Dealer Websites for Maximum Indexation by Search Engine Spiders

November 16, 2009

Released on 11/16/2009 – a new SEO feature for ClickMotive Fusion Websites called “Dynamic Robots.txt”.

Robots.txt is one of the more technical aspects of search engine optimization – it points search engine spiders to different parts of the site that can instruct those spiders, in a machine language called “XML” how to navigate the site better.

The robots.txt file on a Fusion Website now dynamically determines the primary URL and renders it into the content along with instructions for how to find the secret machine-readable file that is the key to maximum indexation by search engine spiders.

So, when Google catalogs a ClickMotive Fusion Website, it sends out a spider called “GoogleBot” with the job of finding all of the webpages and adding them to the Google index.  With a Dynamic Robots.txt – GoogleBot has unprecedented access to all the well- organized content of a Fusion Website.

We also use robots.txt and other technologies to protect your site from what are called “rogue” bots – spiders that are designed to steal information from your site.

As always, ClickMotive works at the leading edge of search engine optimization for your benefit.  We never stop working to make your SEO better – stay tuned for even more news soon.

Improved SEO for Fusion Dealer Websites

November 13, 2009

News Alert:

ClickMotive announces a new feature in its Fusion Dealer Websites product designed to improve SEO on major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

In it’s bi-monthly software deploy, on November 5, ClickMotive introduced intelligent 404/301 redirect pages.  This is a highly technical feature designed to improve the relevancy of the content in your Fusion Dealer Website for inclusion in Google and other search engines.

Here’s how it works.

As we all know, inventory comes and goes.  Google and other search engines are always looking for fresh, unique content.  We can entice spiders to visiting your inventory pages more often by detecting a vehicle that has been sold and permanently moving Google’s spider to a more relevant page.  The technical specifications of this are that we respond to the spider with a computer language code called “404” which means this vehicle has sold, followed by a computer language code called “301” which sends the spider to the next best page to catalog!

Some search engines may penalize sites which do not appropriately code their content this way – and most vendors simply don’t.  Most dealers don’t even know this might be harming them because it’s very technical.  ClickMotive has always correctly responded with 404 codes for missing vehicles, but with our new 404/301 redirect technology, we can keep the search engine spider’s eyes on the content that counts.  This is just one more way that ClickMotive stays constantly at the leading edge of Search Engine Optimization.